I'm loosing it
Driving the other day some 70 miles from home the car just coughed, ran for a few hundred yards and then died as if it had an electical fault.
the nice breakdown recovery man seemed to get the engine started by injecting carb cleaner directly into the throttle housing suggesting a petrol supply problem. With the ignition on no sound could be heard from the petrol pump and this was diagnosed as faulty.
Transported home on a tow truck i replaced the petrol pump (150) and the car started but stopped after about 2 minutes and won't restart.
Petrol seems to be present at the ijector rail.
Armed with my digital multimeter and my bently manual I did some checking and couldn't find a spark at the plugs. Coil feed voltage and resistance checks ok, the crankshaft position sensor dosn't give the stated resistance but does produce an AC voltage with engine cranking
I then spoke to my bmw man who has suggested the DME module,I have now replaced that and..... no start!!! (80)
ANY SUGGESTIONS before i pull my hair out??
sorry for the long mesage