....the whole team order thing is SUCH a bogus issue. Let me say off the bat that I did not think Austria was necessary, however no one would have been the wiser had Rubens not pulled his melodramatic brazilian hissy fit and made it look obvious to to the whole world.
But my point is, why are anglos always bitching about Austria and for example say nothing of the Hakkinen/Coulthard incidents of a few years earlier?
And US 02?..... shoot, Ferrari had trashed the reast of the field already, they were running 1-2...did it really make a difference who crossed the line first? did it "ruin the show"? Most F1 races are over well before the checkered flag....Ferrari decided to make it a little show, so what? FuŠk the UK teams if they can dish it out but can't take it!

Sorry but that issue is a well beaten dead horse.<br><img src="http://homepage.mac.com/booboo/.Pictures/axis.jpg"height=180 width=180>