I think some of my cars plan things behind my back. The Tilux has only warm heat. The AK 328 has so so heat.The water pump bearings seized up and I had to rebuild it. The Tilux water pump is also unhappy and will be rebuilt.
The master cylinder on the AK 328 gave some grief this summer and now the Tilux is doing the same.
The clocks stopped working in both cars, within the month.
The spedometer cable in the Tilux broke yesterday and the spedometer in the AK 328 became noisy today.
The Tilux developed a slight oil leak and 2 weeks later so did the AK 328.
Coincidence! Maybe, but the NSU and the Mercedes do not copy each others maladies and I assume it is because they come from different backgrounds.
The weirdest thing is the BMWs are not parked in sight of each other. It's all done by telepathy.