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    Fuel pump/DME relay

    Sheesh, what a hassle just trying to order one of these things! Hung on THREE times while Pelican Parts put me on the "priority hold waiting list for the next available attendent". In the interim I found the same thing elsewhere but couldn't get through to them either, so I went back to Pelican. I was surprised to verify the same part number for the following cars.

    Fuel Pum/DME Relay, 944 (#2 Position 83-85/1), 944 (1985/2-91), 924S, 968, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1989-94), 911 Turbo (1991-94), 911/911 Turbo (1995-98)

    Looking at some 1990 S2-specific info I find a pretty generic bit of information:

    "After experiencing an intermittent hard to start problem for a couple of months, my 944S2 failed to start at all one morning. Symptoms were that the starter motor was going but no fuel getting to the engine. Problem was traced quickly by my Porsche specialist to the DME relay (fuel pump relay) that lives in socket G5 of the main fuse box. The original part number is 944.615.227.00 and the current replacement part number is 993.615.227.00 (same as the 993 DME Relay). Cost for the DME relay was approx AU$50.00."

    Cost today from Pelican was $18.85 each. I ordered one for the 1990 S2 and one for my 1984 944 (both of which turned out to be the same part number; Porsche part number 99361522700; and Pelican part number ) S-615-227-00

    In any case, I've given advice about keeping a spare one of these around, and last weekend the S2 gave me two major hesitations, both stalling out before the engine was totally warmed (both almost in traffic about to pull out). Therefore I decided to pick up a couple spares and figured I'd share the price and numbers with everyone.

    Regards, P

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    Re: Fuel pump/DME relay

    I use paragon, no hold for me, good to carry a spare though

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