I'm getting ready to tow the 1983 745i off to the Junkyard on Monday, so this Saturday I'm offering anyone who wants to come down an get some parts off of it for really cheap has the opportunity before it gets crushed. You can see pictures of it at, engine is gone as are the front lights and front bumper/spoiler.

The rest is pretty much there as in the pictures. I also have some ECU's for the 3.3-3.5 535/635/735 cars that are available, spare engine parts, cranks, rods, pistons, trim pieces, differentials, alternators, starters etc. I've got tools to help you get the parts off, just come on down with a few dollars, you'll go home a happy fellow!

Firts come first served, email me for my address. Garage opens at 8:30 till ???