I ended up buying a t/60-1. Mostly because one of my favorite turbo e30's runs the same thing, and it makes crazy power. I also picked up a front mount intercooler 17"-8"-3" core, and 30lb injectors. Im deciding wheather or not if im going to buy forged pistons right now. I think i might leave it, and see what the stock ones can handle. I want to see if they can holdn to 300+whp, and be fine. Im still looking for what i want to do about the head gasket. I wish i could find a place to make a (multi layer steel gasket). I called Cometic Gasket to see if they could make a MLS gasket, but there not making them right now. If anyone knows were i could get a multi layer steel gasket made that would be a lot of help. Otherwise i'll have to try a copper head gasket again. I had bad luck with a copper one before. I might try O-rining the block with a copper head gasket, and using some Hylomar sealant. Anyone ever use Hylomar universal blue sealant before? Its suppose to be the best stuff. Thanks Dusty-