anyone heard of the TSI brand. i found a kit with intercooler running at 6 psi for a 328, which they say will fit my 2.8 z3 with alittle custom intecooler mounting. my motor has 72000 on the clicker and runs VERY strong. i have done just about every mod performance wise except a SC or Turbo. this kit is about 3000 buckeroos and said to beable to give me a 56% increase in hp and torque. which would be up around 320 ponies in my bad boy. 3 grand less than the SC and only 20 horses less. 3 grand for 20 horses is too much, so here i come turbo kit. just wanted some input on what to do to the motor. i don't think 6psi will really hurt anything on a stock motor, but you never know. i want to do this before homecomming in south carolina, so will it still maintain its reliability overall. what do you guys think it will cost to have it installed. i have a service writer friend at the bmw dealer that says he can get one of the mechanics to do it on the side, but that they wouldn't do it during business hours if you know what i mean. so.... TSI any good, reliable, lasts, actually increase what it says it will. i am not at home otherwise i would post the link to the website i found it at. thanks for the info, i have not learned much about the turbo stuff thus far. z yall.