Am replacing my rear speakers. What I got are Fosgate FRC4205 5" full range replacements. Are they any good? Was the best Best Buy had. I know everyon is raving about MB Quarts, but that's not what I have.

I believe thy're coaxial. They describe them as 80 Watts peak, 40 Watts RMS, 2 way (dome tweeter and a mid/bass cone), with a freq response of 40 Hz - 22 KHz. Sensitivity is 86dB. Don't see a crossover network although the cone is coupled with a capacitor which could filter the highs. Weight is about the same as the stock speakers. Cone is polypropylene, tweeter is polyethermide.

One concern I have is stock speakers are 8 ohm. These are 4 ohm. Will this fry the finals in the amp eventually if I stay with the stock amp?

Just lost my job, so a better amp is way down in the pecking order right now. That's why I'm finally installing speakers instead of working.