Greetings! My wife and I are curious as to the value of our E3. It has a beefed up four speed. The motor was built, balanced and blue-printed. it is safe to say that this first year injected powerplant has less than 40,000 miles, although the odometer has been sticking. The electric sunroof is functional, but the air conditioner condenser unit leaks refrigerant. The leather interior is pristine, the dash has only a very small crack. The radio/tape is Blaupunk. Power windows. The weather stipping has been shrinking, causing a minor leak into the cabin floorboard area. The paint is a gunmetal gray, with only two very small rust pockets, near the chrome trim. No dings.
While borrowing our car on a trip to San Francisco, a friend was offered $5000 on the spot four years ago. What about now?
Thank you kindly for your help.