know what to ask for it - It has new complete driveshaft ujoints and all new warter pump, new radiator, new fuel reg valve, new tires, new brakes and rotors, new valve adjustment, new trans flush, new trans mounts, new rear flush, new motor mounts, new oil change w/mobile one 10w30, just hand waxed by me, (what a job). Never in an accident, never smoked in, all original paint, glass, wheels, inside is flawless, everything works even the real power seat and headrest it also has rear factory shade. I am 2nd owner and have only had it for a month. It is almost perfect for the year and miles (137,000). I want to get a e38 because I am long in the trunk and my head brushes the headliner in the e32. I could shave my head and would but my wife would not allow that to happen (Please hold the whimp jokes). Anyway give me some thought if you would and I thank you ahead of time.. KW
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