I wondered if I have the only one in NM. How many of you guys have one anywhere in the southwest? Lets get a poll goin.
Daniel Leahy
'85 528e- 5 speed, tan leather, alpine white, *almost* crackless original dash. Chip+ 3.46= its fast too. 0 to 60 in the very low 9's up here at 6000 feet. 237k.
'83 528e-3 speed auto new paint and interior. 3.25'd. 174k.
'88 US spec M6- and I thought the 85 528 was fast. "If you drove a car like this back in the day you would be combing *kitty* out of your hair". 133k.
Lost Prophets, Non Cents, Blink 182, SR71, Foo Fighters.