looks like its time for a larger turbo. :(
i tryed turning it up, and it would just spike 14, then settle down to 11.5,
so, i turned it back down to 11-12 psi.

so, i made 8 pulls on the new setup to get it tuned. but i was geting a
horrible hickup in the power band at about 3500 rpm to 4500, im thinking
its the ignition. because the motronic dosent have the afm or the wot
switch, i dont think its advancing the ignition. alos, the dynos boost sensor
cam loose at the end of that pull and started leaking. thats why the boost
tapers off on the chart.

also did a drivetrain loss pull also, my car has about 17.2 percent
drivetrain loss.

11.5psi, 106 octane.

so, that equates to 283.0 flywheel hp, and 316.2 tq. :P
hmm, thats 120 hp and 146 tq over stock
last time i went to the track i was making 204 hp and i ran a 14.1 @ 98.6.