...sputtered and stalled twice yesterday and the "Engine Failsafe Prog" was displayed on the MID and some of the other warning lights came on also. Both times were right after she tried to accelerate after stopping for a red light at intersections. The first time the car sputtered and limped very slowly accross the intersection. Then she pulled over, shut off and restarted the car and everything was fine. The second time (about a couple of hours later) the car stalled in the middle of a busy intersection. Again she started the car and it was fine.

The car has about 88,000 miles on it and is not covered by warrenty anymore. This happened once a couple of years ago when the car was under warrenty but there was no fault code stored.

I know that the "Engine Failsafe Prog." is pretty common on posts in this board and I did a search for it. Unfortunately it seems like for most people the dealers were either not able to find out what caused the problem, or there were different problems with each car (not one problem that I could look for, but almost like anything can cause this to happen).

So, does anyone have any other info on what can cause this or what to look for?

I have noticed that with most posts on this issue the BMW NA rep posts an "offer of assistance". Even though the car is not under warrenty anymore I wonder if there would be any such offers from BMW NA. After all this is a very serious issue and can be VERY DANGEROUS. With a two year old kid and another on the way I don't want this to happen again when they are all in the car.

By the way, the car is a 2001 X5 3.0 Step. (5/00 production)

Thanks in Advance,