Hello all,
I'm considering a move to NC (Durham area) from California for a new job, and I'd like to buy a 98 m3/4 as my primary vehicle once I find one that fits the bill. I have a couple general questions for anyone who's in the area:

1) Whom do you go to to have your service and maintenance done? Is there a good (read reasonably priced, knowlegable, and truthful) local shop/dealer that is particularly well suited to working on these models and giving sound advice?

2) I'm not too familiar with the weather conditions throughout the year. Is it even practical to think I can run an m3 year-round; particularly in the winter months?

3) Can I expect to pay more/less in the NC area for an m3 than here in Cali; or would it be better to find one here and ship her over?

5) Any general suggestions for a newbie to NC, to this board, to m3's, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help...