Long time no talk,
for those who listened to me before i was building a 3.3l turbo 3 series in NZ, its now done.
Other than a nasty oil leak that will get fixed soon, the engine seems to overfuel in the vacuum region, i.e. it constantly backfires. This engine is on the stock computer with a boost referencing RRFPR - will be making my own computer next year.
The car evens out at atmospheric pressure - feels REALLY good. but at anything less I attract faaar too much attention with the backfires, has anyone else experienced this? I dont want to run boost yet as I haven just rebuilt the engine.
The best reason i can think of is that the turbo is sucking the AFM too far open for the actual level of vacuum in the plenum - sound close?
thanks in advance, if I get some useful replies I'll post some pics of the fire breathing monster :)