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    went to the track!

    im 1562.

    10-11 psi, 100 octane and street tires. (kinda have some traction issues)
    these are my best 2 timeslips. ran pritty inconsistant. trying to get used to the new clutch.

    ---- some of the sensors were messi'n up. the wind was gusting about 30 mph today and there wouwld be crap blowing across the track. every now and then you would get a slip with a time that was incorect because something blew across the sensors and tiped them. (like a corn husk-#@*'n nebraska :) )

    on my first run of the day the slip said i ran a 11.2 1/4 !!!

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    gotta get used to it man my 2.8 z3 runs those

    1/8 mile times. my 60 foot is exact with yours. don't know about the 330, but my ET is consistant 9.3-9.5s. not far off your turboed car and i am stock. i would guess that is all traction related and the new clutch, but dang. not trying to piss you off.Jesus rides a white horse!!

    I'm sure He'd ride these 189!!

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