I have a 2003 530i and I'm thinking of eventually installing an ESS supercharger kit. I know a few people here have installed the ESS Supercharger Kit. I spoke to a BMW technician who told me that ESS kits should NOT be installed on BMW's because the software cannot be tuned adequately to prevent eventual engine burnout. He recommended Dinan stuff only. Is that true??? I know as a technician, he's SUPPOSED to tell me that, but it was just casual conversation over dinner and he seemed pretty knowledgeable.

Few questions:

1. What kinds of problems have people experienced with this kit (speak up 530i owners)?

2. Are there eventual problems I could foresee?
(obviously, suspension, exhaust, intake and brake upgrades will be done)

3. How seamless is the install ?

4. Is it recommended to add this kit if there is only 91 octane available in my area ?

Thanks to anyone who responds to these questions.