I need your help locating a universal performance TCU that will allow the user to adjust the transmission settings such as line pressure, shift points, throttle depression responsiveness, shift firmness, etc.

Now here is the problem I have...I don't own any of these cars listed on this message board, but I am a car buff just like you all on doing mods cars and I have run into a wall trying to find a product like this. I have a 95 Q45t that has been nicely modded and one of my last items I would like is more control over the tranny feel.

I would like to find a user friendly TCU control setup (preferrably without the use of a laptop) that does not cost a fortune. I am hoping that someone here has a unit similar to this on their car that allows them to easily set the settings and can provide some contact info on where I can get a similar unit. Even if you don't think that your unit will work....please tell me where I can get one as I can ask the dealer about a universal one that would work for my car. For my car...I follow any lead I can get as it sometimes leads to a solution somewhere down the road.

I would consider a Laptop interface one as well but I would first like to find a simpler version. I know that JWT makes a few TCU chips for my car...but I want more control. Thanks inadvance for you help as I figure after seaching countless hours on the internet for a unit that somebody hear might know what I am looking for instantly and save me some time.