Sorry accidently posted before forgetting to write!

ok. i have a 1990 325i M20 2.7i with 7.5:1 Compression Ratio (Cut down eta pistons, eta crank and eta conrods). The block has been rebuilt with new main and big end bearings and piston rings. im using a hybrid T3/T4 .68 exhaust housing and a .50 compressor housing with .57Trim wheel. im also using a nissan GTIR intercooler mounted up front. what sort of boost and HP can i expect to run? and to run this boost wil i have to modify my head, fuelling (pump) and any other things? im still using a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and 735 injectors. the orange ones! shall i do away with this and buy something else for fuelling? i also bought a chip for my ecu claming 28hp and raising the rpm limit by 500 along with smoother idling. is it worth installing? any tips you have please let me know. by the way. since i installed new main bearings the oil pressure JUMPED through the SKY!!! thanks guysThanks in advance