as many of you are aware, i'm planning a meet *this* sunday (4/18) afternoon, at jordan's furniture in natick. the plan is very simple, and consists of just hanging out, swapping stories, taking photos and generally relaxing on what should be the nicest day so far this year, with a forecast of blue skies and temperatures in the seventies!

since most of us will either be asleep or polishing up our rides sunday morning, i'd like to schedule the meet for 1:30pm. if past experience is any guide, we'll probably hang out for a couple hours and then some of us will take an easy drive through boston to stir things up a bit.

please feel free to pass this along to any friends of yours who might be interested. judging by the feedback i've gotten so far, i'm hoping for a nice turnout!


35% tint

brembo gt kit

euro equipment

folding mirrors

clear bra

uuc ssk

hre 545r

toyo t1-s

eisie race

gc 450#/450#



etc ...