Can someone make a good recommendation about dealers and dealer contacts in Houston, both from a sales and service point of view?

A brief digression:

I'm close to a purchase decision, but have not really had a good experience as a walk-in around here. In fact, I had a dreadful time recently. I went to the closest dealer and asked a few questions about what may be coming up in MY2005...the sales guy immediately launched into a pitch about why would I want an '05 when I can have an '04...the new car won't look anything like the spy photos...they won't know anything about it until it gets here...the iDrive (a plus for me--crazy I know, but I think its pretty cool) won't be like the 5/7ers...I just got sick of it and left (maybe I should have hung around to see if he would throw me a bone on an 04, but I've been dreaming about this for along time and I'm not going to be hustled).

Heck, I may end up in an 04, but gee whiz, if I want a hard sell I'll go to a GM Dealer. I understand that Saturday's a busy day, but my practice won't let me out of the office during the week and the guy seemed to have plenty of time to sell me an 04. Sorry to prattle on, but it was a tough day...

Thanks in advance.