Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to have their cars serviced in and around Toronto. I've been taking my M Roadster to most of the BMW dealerships in the neighbourhood and really haven't been too please with the service departments. (Breaking point was BMW Mississauga some how de-programing my alarm/keyless entry remote and not providing any assistance in repairing it - luckily I have 2, but I had to get a ride home from a friend to pick it up so I could take my car off their lot. P.S. I just dropped it off for an oil change. I show up, my alarm's going off and the buttons on the remote did nothing but flash the red LED.).
I also took the car in to Town and Country to try to resolve a rattle coming from the rear of the car. They told me it was the spare tire, to which I replied, "which one is the spare". The service guy stared at me confused, I then showed him the underside of an M in the showroom. Guess what?? M's don't have spare tires!!!

Anyway, if anyone would like to share some good service experiences, it'd be great.