Have been keeping my twin turbo project under wraps recently. However, now that all of the bits and pieces have arrived, I thought I'd share with you my progress thus far...

- Disassembled top end of motor (intakes, valve covers, etc).
- Disassembled valence pieces below and in front of radiator.
- Removed stock exhaust system (engine to tailpipes).
- Begun fabrication of stainless steel turbo exhaust manifolds.
- Begun fabrication of intercooler brackets.
- Completed fabrication of intercooler.
- Received turbos and wastegates.

Lots left to do but things are progressing. Here's a pic of the pieces. Will post more pics of the car later as things progress. Rgds... -John

- John

BMWCCA #288391
'92 850iA
'00 R1100RT