I have just returned from the Pacific Sharkfest where 90 of us E24 6 Series owners got together. This was in Paso Robles, CA. I am in Denver, CO and the drive was killer (2500 miles round trip).

My buddy and I would like to organize a show this Fall for the southwest states including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado (everybody else is more than welcome as well). We would like to limit the show to "classics" and limit entries to pre-1993 Bimmers. Our goal is to bring as many pre-1993 (E21, E24, E30, E28, etc) Bimmers together and have such activities as a People's Choice contest for Best in class, Best modified ride, etc. A BBQ would be included and hopefully we can get MANY sponsors for some nice door prizes.

Here is my question.

If we can organize an event like this, would you seriously consider coming out? We are looking for locations right now but in theory, we wouldn't want to be more than 600 miles from anybody in the Southwest area.

I am only fishing right now for interest as we need to make sure the interest is there before driving this.

Your comments are appreciated.

Thank you,
Brian aka Bfons

87 L6
80 633csi