I agree with Iconoclast.

The first job they did for me was excellent. After that I had to watch them like a hawk. Like the man says you must let them know that you are aware of your vehicle. However, that being said they will screw you from right under your wide open eyes if they can and you can bet that they will try. I stopped going there because it was just too stressful. I just didn't want to keep my eyes open 360 degrees and have to ask about each and every move they made. They've been around a while because many people just don't know any better. Their vehicles are mysteries to them and the people at the place are gracious. However, they will, take you for all you have $ and then some. I heard similar stories from others over the years. Add me to the list. They haven't changed a bit. Charming but you're better off avoiding them. Till now I kept my mouth shut. But my experience was just too irritating and since I'm not the only one with the same experience I thought I'd finally vent;