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    Tire Cupping

    What causes tire cupping ? Every other set of tread on the outside of the tire is a diferent height. Makes a tramping sound.

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    I've read that it could be one of 3
    -underinflation/or mechanical irregularities such as out-of-balance condition of wheel and/or tire and bent or damaged wheel
    -loose or worn steering tie-rod or steering idler arm
    -loose, damaged or worn front suspension parts.
    check em out. weird tire wear though eh.

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    Cupping is usually caused by ..

    faulty suspension but the fact that yours is on the outside of the tires is a bit wierd given that at least the back tires should be set to a slight negative camber.
    Is it front or back (or all of them) that you have this problem with ?
    Do you have any other issues ? shimmy , pulling, excessive tramlining , brake shudder, rough ride ?

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