I have two BMW's and have taken them to Niello regularly for service. One of my cars is a dark blue and I seemed to have a problem developing with terrible clear coat scratches in the paint and heavy swirl marks. I did a complete Zaino treatment on the car and had decent results in minimizing the scuffs to the clearcoat. At one point, I was browsing the stock area between the Mini and BMW dealership during the week. I look over and witness an employee washing a beautiful 330Ci with a large heavy SCRUB BRUSH across the hood! That next time I went into service I forgot to tell the Advisor (Brian Munger) that I did not want them to wash the car. Well, I ended up calling in the afternoon to see if it had been washed and he had confirmed to me that it had. He asked why and I told him the story of how I saw someone just brushing the car down with a large elephant brush. He told me that they ONLY use chamois cloth when washing the vehicle but do use a brush to clean the tires and wheels. I told him that I was sure he was using the brush on the painted surface and he told me he would look into it. Sure enough, my car clear coat was all scratched up.

Recently.. I stopped by the dealership with a friend of mine looking at the new X5's. While walking back by the car wash area and once again witnessed a car being brushed down with a large handled SCRUB BRUSH!! I was pissed at that point. I was pissed for whoever’s car that was and also for the attitude that was given to me about the complete improbability of what I was originally describing to the advisor. I walked right up with my friend to the service manager and told him the situation. He acted upset and walked over to the car wash area but I have a feeling it was just for "show." If you have a car finish you care about it is probably good ideas not to have ANYONE wash it but yourself, but in Niello's case, your cars finish will be seriously damaged each time they hit it with their malicious techniques.