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    Mod for my SRX V6

    Here are some Mods I did on my V-6 SRX

    1. cold air intake, very impressive on performance, didn't know the factory box is that much restrictive, very crisp throat response, good sound, not too loud, my butt-o-meter tells me it got about 15 hp gain. I bought one cone air filter, found one cold air intake tube in my garage and rubber booster, i did ask one local mechanics help to finish it because the rubber booster is too small and hard to put it on. You can DIY if you find right size of the rubber booster.
    Overall cost $90

    2. Two Magnaflow performance muffler 4 x 9 model 14326, bought online for $120 for two including shipping. Ask local muffler cut off the pipe from the converter, put on 3" pipe. I did this before putting the cold air intake, feel lost low end torque, but after the cold air intake, the car take off fast, the torque is back. The only concern for people is that it is a little drown at 22k rpm, if you want a little quiter go for the 5x8 size. I also put two new bigger tip on them.
    Overall cost $240

    3. Fake wood interial, $165 from Ebay from Dana Dashwood. Paid $60 to get installed. It looks good to me.
    Overall cost $225

    4. Bought four 18" factory rim and tires from my local dealer, the guy bought MC2 20 inch wheel so he sold me his 18" for $700. Paid $50 for balance and installed
    Overall cost $750

    5. Bought Valentine one radar detector, wire the power from the sun shade mirror.
    Overall cost $407

    6. Change the factory speakers to Pyle 5.25" speakers. Since the after market speakers are 4 ohms and the factory is 2 ohms, the load on the subwoofer is too boom, so i cut off one pair of the wire goes to subwoofer and hook to another subwoofer I made myself and hide inside the other side of the subwoofer.
    Overall cost $115

    My future Mods will be:

    MP3 player (ipod or similar)
    GPS system
    Basslink power subwoofer



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    Re: Mod for my SRX V6

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