Recently had my first BMW service experience in NJ. went to Circle BMW (and Chevrolet and Hyundai). The whole experience was horrible. The facilities are disgusting. The waiting room was a dingy little cubbyhole thrown in the corner of the garage. It was full of Hyundai and Chevrolet owners, and there wasn't even enough space for me to sit down. I had to wander around the nasty 1970's showroom. what a dump! I don't mean to sound elitist, but when you bring in a $76K car for service, you expect a little luxury in the surroundings (just check out Ray Catene Lexus/Jaguar service in Oakhurst).

More importantly, the service was not up to BMW standards. I have been to many, many dealers for service. This includes BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, and others. I have lived un PA, NC, and NJ. I have never experienced such poor service from a luxury car dealer. They had the nerve to charge me $65 to reprogram the remote key options (a process that takes about 5 minutes). They said 1 hour for all the work (oil/filter change, air filter change, and reprogramming the options), it toook them 3. After I left, and had some more questions I called them and couldn't get a service advisor on the phone for the rest of the day. Left messages, nobody ever returned my call.

To top it all off, I got a follow-up call from the dealer, and wasn't home, so they left a message. I called back and got a machine, so I left a message. They never tried to reach me again. As a general rule, with all my other experiences, the followup call was so persistent that it bordered on being annoying. especially with Lexus, they don't stop trying to call you until they get you in person. These guys at Circle obviously aren't too interested to hear what their customers think.

Are all NJ BMW dealers like this?Dave F.
Northern NJ
'03 Sterling Grey ///M5