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    Sniff Petrol on the 1er, Cayenne as well...

    BMW's new 1-series has attracted controversy before it's even gone on sale, and that controversy is set to increase following a remarkable revelation about the car's design influences. "It's really not his fault," explained a sympathetic colleague. "He was just getting the 1-series exterior finished when he realised he hadn't resolved the sill detailing. Unfortunately on his way to work he had made a crucial error that had an unfortunate sub-conscious influence on his work - he had bought a banana."
    Car designers frequently bang on about the inspiration they have drawn from other areas of industrial design and architecture but this is possibly the first example of drawing ideas from a piece of fruit.
    "It's certainly a new one on me," said some bloke in a shapeless linen suit. "When car designers are influenced by organic matter it more usually tends to be muscles or waterfalls or, in the case of the Porsche Cayenne, a big pile of dog [Oops!]".

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    Brit [Oops!] page.....

    Their whole car industry went bancrupt in the 70ties because no one in the world did want to buy brit [Oops!],theyīre currently peeing on_and raping innocent iraqi civilians,90% of their male population is homosexual(stastically proven),thatīs all not a problem of bmw,these types want a banana in the arse,itīs just that simple.

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