My first experience with a BMW is turning out to be probably my last.

2 months ago, I decided to buy my first BMW, a 330ci Convertible with all the works. Since, this car has been in the service department of my dealership more times than on the road. I am so frustrated that I have began a campaign to discourage any of my friends and neighbors to buy a BMW, especially from my dealership. Afterall, they've seen the tow trucks at my home 3 times now.

Can it be that Germany shipped over a lemon and now I'm stuck with it? Here is a list of all the issues on a car which I've driven less than 1,500 miles:

- Replaced clutch
- BMW Assist does not function
- Both side mirrors inopertable
- Trunk latch won't open (unless with key)
- Convertible top won't function with the door key function
- Convertible top won't funtion at all
- Car won't go into reverse gear

I own other "high performance" vehicles, but this BMW has got to be the worst. My dealership was more concerned about selling me the car than the customer service. Since, I've spoken with the GM of the dealership and he has insisted that "every car has its problems," to that I say, give me a break!

At this point, I'm happy to return the car and buy a Mercedes.
Feel free to email me if you thinking of a BMW. I will even tell you where not to buy one!