Hi Everyone:

As discussed in the ROADFLY forums earlier we will be meeting at the Pavillion's weekly car show this coming SATURDAY MAY 15. I took the liberty of moving the meeting time back to 4 pm so more of us could attend and perhaps it will be a little cooler.

I suggest you bring a lawn chair and a cooler. We will line up the Sharks in the after 1970 area or in the CAR CLUB ROW. We will also discuss forming a real club and we will need a leader or two. Also, I'd like to plan a couple driving events for June and July (hopefully a run up to PInetop). Also, we need to make plans for SHARKS WEST 2004 in Las Vegas!

If you can't make it at four it's no big deal. Come over when you can. If you have a shark that isn't ready come over and say hi anyways. Other classic Beemer's are also welcome! There's lot's of family stuff to do at the Pavillions as well. My wife plans to spend lot's of money shopping (god help me).

The Pavillions Shopping Center is located in Scottsdale at the intersection of Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road near the McDonald's!


[email protected] 83 633csi and 94 325ic