Hi, I'm almost ready to start my BMW 2002 turbo project, and when I mean start, I mean start assembling/tuning, as I have been colecting the required parts for two years now.

My setup is the following...

-BMW M10 block, stock bottom end
-stock E12 euro head
-stock cam
-stock pistons
-Stock compression ratio (8,5 , 8,3 ?)
-2002 turbo head gasket
-new water pump
-new oil pump
-oil cooler
-new timing chain/tensioner
-E30 bigger aluminum radiator
-electric fan
-lightened flywheel
-Garret T03 .48 turbine, 50 trim, 0.4 bar wastegate from a Saab 9000turbo
-Megasquirtn'Spark programable Fuel injection/spark controler
-Bosch 315 cc(30lb) injectors
-custom intake manifold
-60 mm Porsche 944s throttle body with TPS
-Intercooler (the only part I'm still looking for)

This will be a street setup, think it will be ok with 0.4 bar (the Saab had 185hp from 2.0L) but how much more can I go up in boost reliably? And what kind of power should I get?