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    My M10 turbo setup, what boost and what power???

    Hi, I'm almost ready to start my BMW 2002 turbo project, and when I mean start, I mean start assembling/tuning, as I have been colecting the required parts for two years now.

    My setup is the following...

    -BMW M10 block, stock bottom end
    -stock E12 euro head
    -stock cam
    -stock pistons
    -Stock compression ratio (8,5 , 8,3 ?)
    -2002 turbo head gasket
    -new water pump
    -new oil pump
    -oil cooler
    -new timing chain/tensioner
    -E30 bigger aluminum radiator
    -electric fan
    -lightened flywheel
    -Garret T03 .48 turbine, 50 trim, 0.4 bar wastegate from a Saab 9000turbo
    -Megasquirtn'Spark programable Fuel injection/spark controler
    -Bosch 315 cc(30lb) injectors
    -custom intake manifold
    -60 mm Porsche 944s throttle body with TPS
    -Intercooler (the only part I'm still looking for)

    This will be a street setup, think it will be ok with 0.4 bar (the Saab had 185hp from 2.0L) but how much more can I go up in boost reliably? And what kind of power should I get?



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    Re: My M10 turbo setup, what boost and what power?

       Saab isn't getting 185hp from 0.4 bar, try 0.85 bar The 0.4bar is base boost, the APC system can lower the boost to 0.4 but normally runs 0.85bar. If you don't mind tapping the block for a knock sensor you could adapt the APC from a Saab 900 as an inexpensive electronic knock sensing boost controller (A number of Volvo folk have done this, I don't know of an BMWs).
        The level of power and boost depend on the overall configuration. With a T03 50-trim you should be able to stay in the reasonable area of the compressor map into the 250-300hp range, the 30# injectors should be good to 220-240hp (0.5-0.55#/hp, a Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator [RRFPR] would bump that up) which depending on the specifics of the engine could be anywhere from .7-1.4bar [assuming somewhere in the 100-130hp range for the unboosted engine]. Start low and tune up but 200hp should be easy and quite safe to achieve.

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    I've been runnig an APC system on my car >>>

    for several years.

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    how hard to install???? Instructions?? thanks

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