Southwest Motorsports hosts a 1 day drivers school, road race, car show, and lapping event May 16, 2004. Sorry for the late post, just found this forum.

Groups for lapping street, vintage race, contemporary race, open wheel, and student cars. Driver school included in cost and has both classroom and track instruction.

Club also offers lunchtime sampler of 20 minutes on track behind a pace car for $25. What better way of deciding (as if there was a question) if you like going fast on track!

Grand Marshall is a retired F1 driver from the 70's. Door prize for 1 lucky driver is $500 value drivers equipment from Genisis Motorsports in Albuquerque. Event sponsor is Rich Ford and their Saleen Mustangs. Live radio remote from 11 AM to 1 PM.

Most SWMS events held at Sandia Motor Speedway's 1.65 mile road race course with 14 turns. Just West of ABQ atop 9 mile hill. South frontage road West towards Metro Detention Facility.John Slenes Invites You To Taos!
Southwest Motorsports Is NM's Road Race Club
Indian Hills Inn, Taos Plaza
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