Heading out at lunch today (rainy day, mid 70's). Started the car up
(01 M5) and everything was fine. I had a passenger and we were talking
so I didn't fire up the XM, the stereo was "on" in cd changer mode
(using the BlitzSafe digital adapter to switch between XM and an Alpine MP3 changer) and the NAV display was up. About 5 minutes into the trip the system started going nuts - it was as if someone were hitting all the buttons - the door opened and closed over and over (to expose the tape deck), it changed to radio, changed stations, auto stored stations, turned the display on/off, etc, etc.

Thank goodness the volume control was not affected so I didn't have my
ears blasted.

I tried to turn off the stereo and it would not respond. When stopped
at a light I turned off the car, removed the key. I had to restart in
30-45 seconds (light changed). It started doing it again, but a bit
less frequently (it seemed) and was able to turn off the stereo.

After lunch (the car sat for 30 minutes) it worked fine, and another
trip later it worked fine.

Sounds like trouble - any ideas? I am under warranty, but I am sure it will be a "can't reproduce problem" if I took it in.


01 M5 silver/black - now haunted?