I just bought a 535isa from a local guy who advertised it in ebay.
Item number is 2472247618, and it is still posted and the pictures are still up.

I believe I'm just too much over-the-hill for the wheels that came with the car. They are Borbet type H 15x7 wheels with nearly new 215x60 Goodyear Eagle HP's, to paraphrase the ad.

Would someone like to do a swap? I'm open to any reasonable offer, and it can involve the exchange of money to make up any differences either way.

I live in Westminster, Maryland, which is about halfway between Baltimore and Frederick, and I should be at Summit point with the car on Sunday, weather permitting. We could do a swap right there if things work out.

There are pictures of the car on the ebay site, showing the wheels.

Thanks very much,