i've had my 2002 a while, i love it, but i'm itching for more power. i'm thinking of selling my 2002, its worth about $7000 or so, and purchasing a 325is that i intend on turboing. I've found
TCD's page and it looks like theres a really nice kit, however i'm hoping for something more economical. i plan on finding a mechanically strong e30 for ~3500 (hopefully with some upgrades? susp. brakes, etc), then having the remaining 3500 for assembling a turbo system.

is this a reasonable expectation? is there a sort of industry-standard set up as far as turboing the m20? can i realisically build this and use it as a daily driver? (another reason i'd sell the tii and buy the e30, is that maintenence of the 2002 is kinda costly.) say if i take the extra time and buy some ebay parts and make some boneyard excursions? i'd be planning on doing all of the labor myself (sans stuff like machining, etc) and i'm not inexperienced by any means as far as wrenching, but i'm also no master tech and have a relatively standard tool selection

hahah or does anyone have a nice turbo'd e30 they wanna trade for a nice tii? euro bumpers!

i read that "build a budget bimmer" roundel article and i got to thinkin. . .

any help/opinions/flames welcome and appreciated. thanks
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