Okay, I think some people saw the picture here and didn't get it, really.

The text says:

"That's the E99 0.5 series. It is powered by a 900cc 3-cylinder engine with a whopping 34hp and the target audience is the 18-20 year old broke student that needs to inform strangers that they own BMW. Yes, the same name as that $65,000 car!

BMW actually wanted to steer away from their regular numerical series naming convention as they realize they couldn't get any lower then 1 so they decided to call it "Corolla", but then realized the name was taken. "Civic" was also taken and they had difficulties with a campaign titled "The ultimate Zoom Zoom Machine".

This revolutionary vehicle is meant to compete against the Hyundai Accent as BMW have decided to shift their production towards the market of cars under $10,000. The Hyundai has better warranty though.

There is also the upcoming E98 - 0.25 Series, It a lot like the old BMW Izetta, has 1 front loading door and 3 wheels. It is considered hybrid energy efficient vehicle - holes on the ground will allow drivers to power-assist the car with their own foot while getting some cardio workout done at the same time. This vehicle has an interesting option - a retractable bowl meant to collect coins when you are really broke. It's really a terrific way to enter the Bimmer market if you can't afford the real thing.

Good job BMW!"

By the responses I get, I understand that some of you guys assume this is a real car??? Am I correct?