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    Need help installing MSD 6 BTM

    I just got a used MSD 6 BTM, but I don't have instructions, can some please tell me what all the proper connections for the wires are?

    On one side there are 3 sets of 2 wires:

    one set has short wires which are red and black, and the go dirctly into the unit with no black heat shrink tubing as a sleeve. I am assuming these are the main power wires to power the unit.

    another set of wires has a short black heat shrink tubing as a sleeve with a red wire and a white wire.

    the last set has long black heat shrink tubing as a sleeve that runs all the way to the end of the wires which are black and orange.

    I assume one set goes to the coil and the other set goes to the ECU coil wires. My question is which exact one goes where.

    On the other side of the unit there is 2 harnesses, one is for the timming control retard Knob. I have no clue what the other harness plug is for.
    there is a small brass nipple, which I assume I must run a manifold line to. there is a black circle plastic piece next to the nipple that has a single connection, no clue what that is either.

    These are the more important stuff above. Thanks for the help.

    Less Important:

    then on one side there is the RPM limit pill, I understand that, on the opposite side of that there is anotherblack circle plastic piece but this one has a screw in the middle, what does that do??

    Once again thank you.

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