Ok. So the Left Coast is planning a gathering - Great for the Left Coast! How about we hold something on the East Coast?

Here's my suggestion. Bavarian Auto in Portsmouth, NH holds an annual "Shoe & Shine" at their store every October. While I know this is a trek for those not in the New England area, it could at least be a start.

I don't think they have set the date for the 2004 event yet. But, I am definitely planning to be there with "Mog", my '84 733 project. If anyone else is interested in keep up with the event, please post your email and I'll build a list. As the event date is set and the time draws near, we can coordinate a time and place to meet and arrive "en masse"! Cool!!!

Please post your interest, even if you can't make it. AND, if anyone wants to try to plan something for the mid-Atlantic area, PLEASE DO SO!!!AHager 84 e23 & 90 E34 - All 5 speed!!!