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    John in Chino Hills
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    Sweeney or others... do you know if a T3/T4 twin

    turbo will fit into the engine compartment on the Cartech Twin Turbo exhaust manifold application. I do belive you have a set-up like this, or had one. The 6er came with twin RotoMasters and I am now in process of doing research on updated turbos. I think two T3's would be sufficient for a 3.5L block, however slightly unsure and might like to use the Hybrid instead of two T3's. I know that the RotoMasters come very close to the frame and engine block. Have you thought of the T3/T4 twin application in the past? I do have more questions and would it be alright if I called you on the phone some weekend.

    Here's a link for a few pic's.


    Thanks, John

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    Re: Sweeney or others... do you know if a T3/T4 twin

    Nope, won't fit. Not enough room between the turbo and manifold.

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