I just noticed this Forced Board, been surfing roadfly boards for months. Anyway, I bought my car already blown and modded from another guy. He had more money than tech knowledge so he really couldn't tell me much about the performance parts that he paid someone else "stealer" to install for him. The car has a Race Marque super charger kit with a vortec v2sq supercharger. Kit comes with chip, injectors, charger etc....Has a supersprint header and exhaust and bmp throttle body and K&N cone filter and a bunch of other stuff for the suspension and brakes. How much rwhp and torque is this puppy pushing??? As much as I hate to say it it's not really that fast and I keep losing to just about everyone I race, including my wifes e39 528i, just barely beat her auto. Now I know u really have to get this thing reving up high in the rpm range to make the charger blow hard to get max hp and torq but i don't normally get it over 5000. Am I a puss or what? I'm thinking that there may be something wrong as it doesnt feel that much more powerful than my n/a 325i. Anyone have suggestions?

92'325i/5 w/150k, black,m3 contours/shift knob
94'325ic/5 w/73k, white,supercharger,bbs,supersprint,k&n
97'528i/a w/75k, white, stock
91'300zx 2+2,130k turbo spoiler