I was trying to get BMW NA's attention by pointing out I was one of the first to actually discuss this issue in depth on here. What the hell does "BombayDuk had this issue earlier" have to do with what I was trying to accomplish?

And by the way, from what I've seen, you're never gone for a week.

Furthermore, you do not "lose points." This is not a contest. That's what I'm trying to make you understand. When you respond to someone (ME) who is trying to get assistance with a defect that this certain someone (ME) discussed heavily with other members on this forum.. and your response is nothing but useless drivel like "I had it earlier," everyone knows what you're trying insinuate.

Great, you had the problem before anyone else. What do you want, a cookie? So what's gonna make you happier? An award for being "the first"?... or a FIX FOR THIS ISSUE?

Try concentrating your energy on BMW NA next time... instead of pointing out useless facts that help no one.