1- F1 rightfully claims to be the high-tech version of motorsport, with the "best and brightest" engineers & mechanics. That being said, how is it possible that nobody was smart enough to either understand the technical regulations regarding brake ducts and/or to properly measure the ducts and compare the results to the regulation? Seems to me someone ought to be "make redundant" (as the Brits say) over this.
2- From what I read, the ducts were not "oversize", only located in a manner that was illegal as provided for the the technical regs. Does this mean Williams-BWM and Toyota were disqualified for a rules violation that did not give them a material advantage? If so, it would seem the "penalty does not fit the crime."
3- If the situation outlined in #3 is in fact true (technical violation that did not provide a material advantage) what do you suppose would have happend had Ferrari been similarly caught?
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