Hey guys, there's going to be a get-together w/ some of the local Bimmer, Audi & VW car-enthusiasts @ the In-n-Out on Ray road & Priest @ 7pm on Thursday, June 17th.
Come out and have fun talking everything cars, motorsports, & discuss upcoming autocrosses/track-events w/ fellow enthusiasts...and, tentatively, we may be going to F1 Race Factory afterwards for some good ol' indoor kart racing.

FYI: stupid acts (annoying rev'ing, burnouts, racing/speeding on public roads, etc...) will not be well tolerated.

The plan is to make this a twice-a-month event (1st & 3rd thursday of every month) w/ the vision of attracting a fun & friendly crowd, and creating a better alternative to the scottsdale pavillion's car-show [For anyone who hasn't been there recently: since about 3 weeks ago, the people in charge of the Pavillion's car-show have started to turn away all cars except classic domestics & corvettes...they've been enforcing their rules via police officers]_____________________
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