Hi guys.

How hard a job is it to replace the (big) sump gasket on my 318iS and what is involved? I searched around on here and it seems that I need to lift the engine up a little, but I wondered if there was anything to watch out for on this model in particular as it looks like its going to be a nasty job. Can I cut the gasket to make fitting it easier or will it just leak again? Is there only one gasket that I need to replace here? Is there a special kind of sealant to use? Do I need to take the oil pan right out of the car? Any special tools required? So many questions!

The gasket has started to get pushed out sideways at the front right hand side of the engine. I think it might have started to go bad when the profile gasket was replaced last year, I guess the mechanic may have disturbed it. Is this possible or is it just unrelated bad luck.