I\'ve attended all 5 at Indianapolis

1- Ralf incident happened right in front of us (we were in the Penthouse Section of Stand A). The way the crash and recovery was handled was a travesty. It took an eternity for the safety team to get to him which is unacceptable in this day and age.
2- The race SHOULD HAVE been red flagged at that point. What happened each time the field went by the crash site was horrific. Safety workers were on the track, picking up car parts while emergency team was working on Ralf. At several points, there was obvious confusion about the route the race cars would use on a lap to lap basis, at one point the street-sweeper cleaning the track essentially pulled into the line of race cars, at another point a recovery vehicle basically got in the way. A Jag actually stopped at the crash site at one point (for what reason, I don\'t know) & then was almost hit by JPM. When the track is essentially blocked AND medical recovery is taking place on track, stop the race!
3- While the infield crowd looked to be larger, attributable in part to the new infield grandstands, IMO attendence was down again. Grandstands across from the Pits (where our seats are located) were less than 50% occupied. If Tony George\'s shills say attendence was up or inline with last year, my take would be an awfully lot of people came disguised as empty seats.

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