I'm tired of stuffing my car with track tires, so I've decided to compromise and get some tires that I can drive to the track on.

My car is only driven to the track (and the mechanic :), and the longest drive is probably under 500 miles.

The ideal tire would be something that I can legally drive to the track on, and wonít be destroyed by the trip to the track. Grip is the most important factor to me..

I currently use Victor racers for the track and S03 for the street. Iíve been running the S03ís on the track for the last few events and I really like them, but more grip would be nice. My S03ís are almost gone so thatís why itís time to see if there is a better alternative.

Any recommendations?

Iím strongly considering the Yokohama A032R, any advice on those vs. another set of S03ís?

Nader Ebeid
White 88 M3