hmmmm so i left davis (apt. sitting for a friend) and headed out towards berkeley monday around 12
got there in good time, around an hour and spent another hour desperately searching for somewhere to park (i swear the fools may be geniuses... but they can't drive for crap)
after giving up and wasting gas i headed for the parking structure
met a 16 year old genius in my class and darted for work after class ended
thought i was gonna die on the drive back today
this commuting thing is truly no fun... music, nicotine, and water can only do so much ;[[
yo ibew you got any leads on some decent parking in berkeley ;]]
except for those that require getting a permit that is

88 528e Auto
Finished Projects: Pioneer DEH-P860MP (WELL WORTH IT), Directed 500W 4-Channel Amp pushing a 15" RF Sub and all speakers.
Future projects: Speakers (MB Quart), OBC Light Bar, Foglights (One got chewed off... Any good cheap suggestions??).